Pumpkin Pie Candle with Fall Decor; The Tragedy of Candle Tunneling

The Tragedy of Candle Tunneling

Today we are discussing the tragedy of candle tunneling. To do this, I'd like to introduce a woman by the name of...let's call her Ann (for privacy reasons). Ann is an avid candle lover, but unfortunately, her predicament is one that many of us know all to well.

The Story

Ann had just gotten home with a brand new candle, anticipating that special moment when she could kick up her feet and indulge in a relaxing evening. Lighting this new candle was supposed to be the finishing touch in creating that cozy and serene ambiance (that she desperately needed after a long day). However, as her night came to a close, she went to blow out that soothing light and...she saw it. The tunnel of death. The candle had burned straight down to the bottom, leaving majority of the wax clinging to the sides and rendered completely unusable.

This was beyond frustrating for Ann. A candle that she had assumed would last her more than one night, had now vanished in the span of three hours. Her assumptions weren't wrong, or at least they shouldn't have been. Unfortunately, this happens far too often, to far too many unsuspecting victims.

The Lesson

The story I've told you is not just Ann's story, but thousands of others who share in her plight...including me. While there are many methods to avoid tunneling, what do we do when those methods just won't work? If you are not aware, here is the simple rule: "When you light a new candle for the first time, it should burn for at least three hours." Many of us follow this rule, but like Ann, we come to the same result.

When you chose a new candle, it should function properly. Nothing is more annoying than feeling like you've wasted your money and time, especially when the desired effect was a relaxing experience.

This is why I started Clove and Sprig. Tunneling was one of my largest pain points regarding candles. So in crafting my formula, I decided that my top priorities were burn time and tunneling resistance. To achieve this, I conducted numerous product testing before my candles ever even hit the shelves. I vowed to myself that this problem would not make it's way into my products, and that my customers would never become a victim to the tragedy of candle tunneling ever again.

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